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Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner is an I ACT certified colon hydrotherapist. She attended the Alder Brooke School of Healing Arts in Eugene, Oregon. Her training coursework included digestive anatomy and physiology, digestive pathologies,indications and contra-indications for colon hydrotherapy, administering colonics, abdominal stimulation, herbs and supplements for internal cleansing, legalities, business practices, professionalism, ethical standards, hygiene and safety.   After completing her training in Oregon, Jennifer returned to Vermont where she had been living and working her own small farm. She grew vegetables, flowers and herbs organically and also raised small animals such as sheep, turkeys, ducks, geese and laying hens. Garlic was her specialty crop and fermenting vegetables is still a passion.Jennifer  became co owner/creator and a colon hydrotherapist at Jivana Holistic Spa in Burlington. Jivana is an organic spa focusing on detoxification and cleansing of the whole being.   Jennifer relocated to Asheville several years later and began working with Stephanie Wolf of Maitri ColonTherapy. In August 2012, Jennifer became the sole owner of Maitri where she continues to administer colon hydrotherapy. Jennifer believes we have the power to heal ourselves with proper nutrition and regular cleansing practices.    When she is not assisting clients with their internal cleansing, Jennifer will most likely be exploring the mountains of Western North Carolina on her mtn bike or dancing at her favorite festivals. Jennifer is dedicated to a holistic approach to health and wellness and encourages her clients to empower themselves by taking responsibility for their own wellbeing.

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