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How much does colon hydrotherapy cost?

Your initial colonic is $90 and follow-up sessions are $85. Questions by phone or email are always welcome. If you are most comfortable viewing the office, and meeting your therapist prior to scheduling an appointment please call the office and we will happily set this up for you. 
We accept cash or checks only. 

What is colon hydrotherapy? What are colonics?

Colon hydrotherapy, colonics, or colon irrigation are all different terms for an alternative health practice that gradually and gently cleanses the colon by flushing the large intestine with warm water. A disposable, sanitary, and F.D.A approved system is used for the therapy. I use a toxygen BSC instrument developed by the Dotolo Research Corp. This is a completely enclosed system equipped with water purification and filter systems.

Why should I get colonics?

The colon is the last five feet of the digestive tract. It is a hollow tube like organ made up of muscle structure that moves digested food and waste along by a wavelike motion known as peristalsis. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water, electrolytes and some vitamins, as well as, preparing and storing fecal waste prior to elimination.
At this time when processed food and stress are integrated parts of most of our lives the colon’s job has become much more difficult. Virtually everyone has waste built up on the colon wall making absorption more difficult. When this waste is stagnant it putrefies giving off toxins, which can then be recirculated into the body.
The repetition of filling the colon with water not only flushes wastes out the colon, but it also stimulates the colon to contract. In doing so you are strengthening the colon muscles. This is why colon cleansing is not addictive, like laxatives, but is strengthening to your colon. Laxatives use chemicals to stimulate bowel movements, which is quite unnatural. Using water to cleanse your colon can be an excellent way to bring about optimal bowel function.

What are the risks of an unhealthy colon?

Consider that 400-600 million dollars are spent annually on laxatives in the United States. Every year 126,000 Americans are diagnosed as having colorectal cancer. Of this population, 44% will die as a result of the disease. At least two million Americans suffer from colitis and diverticulitis,  and 100,000 Americans have a colostomy each year. Periodic cleansing of the colon could prevent stagnation and minimize the exposure to potential cancer causing agents to the colon wall.

Laxatives are the method of colon cleansing that is most popularly used today. They are considered to be an irritant and stimulant to the body. They simply draw water from the body and produce a thin watery substance that clears only the most recently digested waste from the colon leaving behind bad eating habits, and accumulated toxins and mucus in the small intestines, stomach, and colon. They certainly don't promote bowel health . Enemas are fine to clean out the lower part of the rectum and colon, but miss about four feet of colon.

How will I feel during the session?

Before starting the actual procedure we will thoroughly explain the equipment and answer any questions you may have. 

After lying down on a comfortable padded table, you will be assisted in gently inserting a lubricated disposable speculum, having a tapered end, into the rectum. The tapered end is actually a separate piece that is removed after insertion and discarded.

The speculum is then attached to two tubes. The smaller tube delivers the filtered, temperature-controlled water to the speculum and your colon, while the larger tube carries the fecal waste to the colon therapy machine. You will remain draped through the entire session to maintain privacy.

The colon therapy machine is attached to the building’s plumbing system so that all waste is discretely moved from your body into the plumbing without offensive odor or embarrassment. During your colonic sessions, your therapist will always make sure your modesty and comfort needs are addressed.

A colon hydrotherapy session usually takes between a 30 to 50 minutes.

After a session many people express feeling relaxed and refreshed with more energy and greater mental clarity.

How should I prepare for a colonic?

     On the day of your colonic:
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes or strong smelling body products
  • Don't eat a meal within three hours of your session
  • Don't drink anything within one hour of your session
  • If your colonic is in the afternoon or evening, and you would like to eat breakfast or lunch, then eat light foods such as fruit, salad, steamed greens, and whole grains
  • You may fast or cleanse before your session
  • Stay well hydrated both before and after your session
  • After your session it is normal to be very hungry; the same foods recommended prior to your colonic will assist the healing of your colon and will avoid over-working the digestive tract

Two to Three days prior to your colonic, the following are recommended:
  • Lots of Leafy Greens
  • Fruit
  • Whole grains such as whole grain bread and brown rice
  • If you must eat meat, eat lean meats such as fish or chicken
On the day of your colonic, it is recommended (although not required) to refrain from the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Refined Carbohydrates (White Bread)
  • Processed Foods (Cookies)
  • Refined Sugar
  • Fried Foods
  • Cow's Dairy
  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Coffee
  • Red Meat
  • Soy Products

What do medical doctors have to say about colon hydrotherapy?
Before laxatives were commonly used, enemas, and even colon therapy machines, were used in hospitals daily. For a more detailed account of medical opinion, go to, read the article entitled, “Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals”.

How often should I have colon therapy?

Regular colon cleansing can be an excellent part of ongoing health care. However, there is no one prescription for all. Every individual has different goals and health challenges. The International Association of Colon Therapy ( suggests two sessions during weeks one and two, subsequently one session per week during weeks three through ten. Most find that after a colonic experience, they feel much better. It is this renewed vitality that is your guide.

For any additional questions please visit the Contact portion of this website.

Are there complimentary therapies that support colonics and whole body detoxification?

An Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath makes a great compliment to a colonic!

How It Works

The Ion-Cleanse Detox footbath is essentially electrolysis of water to break down water molecules into thousands of ions that in turn create an electromagnetic energy field that travels through the feet and permeates the body. Once inside the body these ions start to neutralize the cations within the body and draw them out of the body through osmosis. The Ion-Cleanse foot baths create energy by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic environment or “Bio-energetically” altering the water environment in which the patient places his or her feet to experience the donation of appropriate ions.

Within the human body are energy channels known in Chinese Medicine as meridians. These meridians provide a pathway for energy to flow to or from a particular organ. These pathways begin or end at points on the feet. A person’s current state of health is determined by how well the energy in the body flows through these meridians

The skin is the second largest organ of elimination (after the lungs). During the foot bath the body easily absorbs negative ions which neutralize free radicals and allow cells to more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen.
What Will You Experience
Your therapist will immerse your feet in a bath of warm salty water and instruct you not to move your feet during the 30 minute treatment in order to enhance the view of the treatment while in progress. The Ion-Cleanse Therapy Unit is plugged into the wall using a surge protector and the unit is equipped to automatically shut down if the salt solution gradient is not satisfactory for optimal functioning. The stainless steel array is immersed into the bath. This array is what generates the positive or negative ions that create the energy field for the duration of the treatment. Please note that moving your feet during the treatment will not affect the outcome of the treatment in any way. 

The salt in the water provides the optimum conductivity. The ideal amperage during treatment is 1.5 to 2.1 (to generate the most negative ions) but this number will fluctuate during treatment.
Why Does The Water Change Color?
Remove all jewelry, include watches
Do not use a cell phone or a computer 
If taking prescription medications take 6 hours before or 6 hours after treatment
Following the treatment replenish electrolytes with supplemental minerals including vitamin C and vegetable juices.
The Ion-Cleanse Foot Bath is a detoxification treatment so those who have any degree of toxicity can expect to have some cleansing reactions. These may result in feelings of fatigue, headache and similar symptoms of the flu. These symptoms will abate with subsequent treatments and will do so more quickly by combining the treatments with Far-Infrared sauna, or Heel Detox Kit.
Recommendations for Ion-Cleanse Foot Bath Detoxification

Ionic Footbath Sessions are $50.
Footbath with Colonic Combined Session: $120
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